As active members of the legal and health care communities, we are committed to sharing knowledge with our clients and colleagues.

Focused Briefings

Give Me Liberty or…

Consolidation and integration are everywhere. Yet some medical practices are intent on remaining independent.  This session will help explain key points of tension between community hospitals and independent clinics.  It will cover possible strategies for addressing conflict and restoring collaboration.

Legal 411: Everyday Legal Issues in the Practice of Medicine

What should a physician do when a teenager and her mother disagree over the need for a particular medical test? Should a physician apologize if s/he makes a mistake? What are the most common reasons for physician discipline by the Board of Medical Practice? These are a sampling of the topics we address in sessions geared toward the practicing physician. The scope can be tailored to meet time constraints or topic priorities and we’ll work with you to get CME credit.

Help! How to Govern Your Way through Hot Issues and Big Challenges

With CMS enforcement on the rise, heightened IRS scrutiny and a public demanding greater accountability, what’s a director to do? Learn new governance strategies and better understand key legal obligations in a session designed to boost your Board’s impact and contribution.

Lessons from Real Life: Business and Clinical Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflict significantly increases healthcare management costs. This session provides training in relationship-building and collaborative practices to help you manage, prevent and resolve conflict at all levels in your organization.

Recent Updates

“Tightening your belt and your procedures” Coping with the new economy and regulations

The current health care environment brings a couple of old aphorisms to mind. “If you don’t like the way things are, wait 10 minutes” and “Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they do.”

“Health Law Firm Opens” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Two well-known health care attorneys have joined forces to create a new, boutique practice to serve Midwest clinics, hospitals and health care systems.

“Law Firm to Focus on Health Care” – Pioneer Press Dispatch

Two Twin Cities health attorneys form new law firm focusing on regional clinics to capitalize on client demands for lower rates

“Two Local Attorneys Form New Health Law Firm” – Twin Cities Business Magazine

Konrad “Kit” Friedemann and Mary Foarde have launched law firm FriedemannFoarde, PLLC, to provide high-quality services at lower costs and with greater flexibility than larger firms.

“Power Duo Forms FreidemannFoarde Health Law Firm” – Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal

Two of the Twin Cities’ top health lawyers are starting their own practice. One of the founders of Fredrikson & Byron’s Health Law Group, Konrad “Kit” Friedemann will leave the Minneapolis firm Friday to join Allina Hospitals & Clinics’ former general counsel Mary Foarde. Their new firm, FreidemannFoarde, opens Monday.